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Watsu Shiatsu Water Therapist Fabian-Carlos Guhl

About Water Therapy

This somatic healing method is a form of passive hydrotherapy performed in chest-deep thermoneutral water (35°C = 95°F) or the sea. My somatic therapy approach is inspired by Harmonic Water Flow, Watsu, Tantra and Reiki energy work. It originates from the Japanese Shiatsu and is a form of bodywork based on concepts in traditional Chinese medicine.


It combines elements of myofascial stretching, joint mobilization, massage, and shiatsu and is reported to be used to address physical and mental issues. It includes a series of deeply relaxing floating movements on the surface of the water and underwater. This results in the release of mental and physical blockages; the breath becomes deeper, and the brain waves enter an alpha state. The neuronal transmitters in the brain come to rest, and synapses are formed in the brain through the reorganization and synchronization of both halves.

Benefits of Water Therapy include the reduction of emotional trauma, anxiety, and sleeping disorders. This rebirth offers people experiencing upheavals a safe space to express feelings and pain, leading to healing.

My Story

I connected with the sea at an early age despite growing up in an urban environment in the city of Berlin. My career consisted of startups, the UN, and a nonprofit in Africa before experiencing burnout and depression. I have always had a feeling of being out of place. Eventually, I began listening to higher guidance and volunteered in dolphin conservation in the Red Sea, where I swam with wild dolphins and deepened my connection to nature and myself. My journey took me to shamanic and mindfulness retreats around the world. I served in Ashrams, got attuned in Energy Healing, and was initiated by the Huni Kuin tribe in the Amazon where I swam with pink dolphins :)


My mission today is to serve in holding space for deep healing and transformation.


My Approach

I will hold a strong presence for you, with softness, listening, sensitivity, passion, and care. I will ensure to understand where you are at in your life and what you want to achieve with Water Therapy. Each session starts with a brief breathwork and meditation session on land. The core of the session will take place in a heated and quiet pool. During the session, your only task will be to focus on relaxation and letting go. My goal for you is to release tension and embrace the beautiful flow of life. Former clients have reported deep transformations. Feel free to look at the testimonials and reach out with any questions.

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